Change the catering, coffee breaks and your snack box to be no longer boring!! 
“Why So Serious” comes from the fact that our chef who loves eating, tasting and bakery for life and a good team feel that the same old catering, coffee break and snack box style is too boring!! So, we put new idea, intention, and attention into our dessert and coffee break styles to provide a full range of catering service that can complete the flavors and colors of every special occasion.  You can choose from all types of snacks, food box, coffee break, cocktail, as well as buffet. It can be customized according to the theme, budget and every need of the customers.  Our experienced staffs are happy to provide the service. More information can be found at Parco Hotel Khaoyai Tel: 088-885-3335

Parco Hotel khaoyai caterings
Parco Hotel khaoyai caterings
Parco Hotel khaoyai caterings

Parco Hotel Khaoyai, “Freshness from Farm to Tables”, we focus on every details carefully for all processes, started with ingredient selection to get the best quality for you; freshness, cleanness, and healthy. All dishes are cooked by organic vegetables harvested from our farm and local ingredient, great created by professional chef. This is to make you enjoy tasty food which is specially cooked for you.