DAYDREAMING KHAOYAI, a new café located in Parco Hotel By Bonanza Khaoyai. The café was designed as a glass house in isosceles triangles with black steel casing and wide glass which let you see natural environment outside. You will also enjoy making lots of nice snap shots which never same with others in our café’ and the garden outside.

You will not only relax with natural environment, but you will also enjoy great smell of coffee beans, original baked pizza fresh from oven by professional chef, tasty homemade pasta which is the café  special dish and wide variety of authentic Italian dishes. We select the best quality raw materials with freshness, cleanness and healthy. All of these will experience you to taste and enjoy with the delicious meals to you. 

Open Daily : 9.00 am. – 6.00 pm.          |          Tel : 085-594-8901