Parco Hotel Khaoyai -another popular venue at Khaoyai. Don’t miss!
Parco Hotel Khaoyai is the top activity venue which gains the most confident at Khaoyai. It was designed with especially luxurious style, and the impression to clients. Main duty of the hotel is focusing on managing the venue with style and unique, decorating that emphasizes art distinction, creating the event by expert team, planning with clients before executing to meet the client’s need according to the determined purpose and the perfection of event arrangement. The team also values building up the relationship between the host and guest to take care every detail and create the magnificent event according to the client’s need. The experts also manage the client’s budgets thoroughly to execute an event according to the purpose and create an even more attractive event.

To create an activity according to the concept and smoothly proceed by the objective, the hotel completely prepares facilities to clients such as equipment for modern public relation, sound and light system, and expert team to provide the client support especially designing such as event arrangement designing, exhibition, catering and concert, etc. Any event format, the team is ready to serve you the special event management and support through the period from start to finish.


Herb garden in outdoor area under the giant rain tree and surrounded with the greenness of various trees. It’s able to accommodate up to   150 people and suitable in winter for clients to reconnect with the cold air at Khaoyai through the branches of rain tree.

ParcoHotelkhaoyai_Events_coconut cove


Coconut cove is a large open space which can accommodate up to   2,000 people to arrange all sorts of activities such as concert, wedding and caterings.

ParcoHotelkhaoyai_Events_Lakeside at Bonanza hotel


Lakeside at Bonanza hotel is an outdoor party arrangement area with lake scenery background and wooden house that is the origin of Bonanza project. It can hold the catering at daytime and nighttime and accommodate up to   200-300 people.

Moreover, we also support a variety of activities at Khaoyai for you to choose, such as organizing activities in large, medium, small and outdoor areas. The outdoor area under rain tree can accommodate up to 2000 people.  The hotel is willing to help you warmly and ready to deliver premium specialties to make you feel impressed from the first-time using service.