From the remarkable location of the Parco Khaoyai Hotel, with a shady atmosphere, the vast panoramic view of the mountain amidst the birds singing as if congratulating the special ceremony and enjoying the pure nature. It is convenient to travel from Bangkok in just 100 kilometers, making this an ideal choice for those looking for the wedding venue in every form and size of the event, whether it is a small wedding, with guests coming to attend only the intimate ones in a friendly and private atmosphere or a large wedding with over 1000 guests attending the event. Parco Khaoyai Hotel can create this special occasion for you to be as perfect as possible in premium services.  More information can be found at Parco Hotel Khaoyai Tel: 088-885-3335

For dinner arrangements, the hotel has a team of talented chefs to create a variety of special food menus for you to choose for your important agenda, such as Thai food, seafood, BBQ, set meals for banquets or international food buffets etc. Everything can be changed according to your needs, regardless of religion or nationality.  We’re certain that we will create your wedding as you imagine.

The followings are examples of the wedding arrangement that has been held at the Parco Khaoyai Hotel. We are pleased to create the wedding theme according to your style to make it a special day for you.